My first yoga video

My first yoga video; is of me doing my favorite pose. The wheel.

Whatever form of wheel I do it always gives me so much energy and centers me when I am feeling scattered or out of sorts.

Even though what may immediately spring to mind about yoga is putting your body in unusual shapes – or something like that – to me it is much more about what it does to me energetically and emotionally. It’s extraordinary.

I am in awe of how good yoga makes me feel in body, mind and spirit. ‘Tis one of the reasons why I am studying to be a yoga teacher – to learn more about one of my greatest loves – and then to be able to share it with others.

Please don’t take this little vid in any way as yoga instructions. I am not a qualified yoga teacher.

I am just sharing one of the things that makes me feel so great.


My big goals that I am to be accountable for in 2015

I wrote this as a Facebook post yesterday. A friend then suggested I make it my first blog. I thought it was a good idea considering where I am heading. 


I’d like to announce my big goals for the year ahead. And hold myself accountable to you all – as a nudge to help me bring them to life. I sure need it. Some of these goals have been on the back burner for a few years while I prioritised over other things. 

I live a busy life, as we all do. All of these goals are going to be done while balancing a full-time job, my yoga teaching course requirements, and IMPORTANTLY downtime and a social life with my friends and family. 

It’s a scary and exciting challenge. YET I have a great vision for it all, and I am ready to GO FOR IT. So here goes (in no particular order):

1) Finish my first book (The title and subject are top secret right now, yet I can say it is ‘made for loving’)

2) Get my blog up and running.

3) Publish the articles that are gagging to get out of me.

4) Catch up on other writing jobs that are on the back burner.

My obstacles: perfectionism, and making the time. Yet amongst my doubts and fears, I believe I can do it.

Feeling vulnerable. Thanks for reading. Wish me luck!