A yoga high in Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens.

I love doing yoga in nature.

– the grass was my yoga mat.
– the birds were my sound track.
– the smells of nature; my incense.
– the view; a feast for my eyes and heart.
– a big tree was my umbrella; protecting me from the direct sun-rays.
– AND my body was my instrument; creating the vibe of joy and bliss, thanks to the many gifts of the environment and the ancient wisdom of yoga.

It left me feeling blessed and so alive.
Here’s a clip of that beautiful location. I hope you enjoy it too.

My first yoga video

My first yoga video; is of me doing my favorite pose. The wheel.

Whatever form of wheel I do it always gives me so much energy and centers me when I am feeling scattered or out of sorts.

Even though what may immediately spring to mind about yoga is putting your body in unusual shapes – or something like that – to me it is much more about what it does to me energetically and emotionally. It’s extraordinary.

I am in awe of how good yoga makes me feel in body, mind and spirit. ‘Tis one of the reasons why I am studying to be a yoga teacher – to learn more about one of my greatest loves – and then to be able to share it with others.

Please don’t take this little vid in any way as yoga instructions. I am not a qualified yoga teacher.

I am just sharing one of the things that makes me feel so great.